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The MIT Lincoln Laboratory is one of the premier government funded labs in the United States. They research and develop a broad array of advanced technologies to meet critical national security needs, and are constantly innovating every day.

Connecting Key Audience Members to the MIT Lincoln Laboratories

As an offshoot from MIT, the MIT Lincoln Laboratory seeks to attract potential employers, sponsors, and research collaborators through their website.

iFactory helped guide the MIT Lincoln Laboratory to create their now striking and progressive website through a series strategy meetings and research periods. With having a number of personas to cater for, their website provided a number of hurdles. But the result was a cohesive website with easy to use navigation and strong branding that will resonate with its users.

Project Highlights

The Story of MIT Lincoln Laboratory

The MIT Lincoln Laboratory is a unique national lab, affiliated with MIT, focused on a noble mission to protect in service to the nation. iFactory's goal while creating this Drupal developed website was to share the story of the organization as well as general information.

In order to explain the culture and feel of the Laboratory, we needed to interweave all aspects of the organization. Everything from their mission, to their affiliations, current projects and archives, and current staff was represented in the new website.

Lincoln Labs Story

An Elegant and User-Friendly Design

The original Lincoln Laboratory's website was functional, but far from welcoming. Our task was to allow the site to tell the story of the Laboratory visually and clearly, showcasing the various departments within the organization.

We achieved this by reorganizing their Research and Development page as well as clarifying the existing Calls-to-Actions to aid users in finding what might interest them. We were able to create a design that combined visual storytelling with the clarity you would expect from such a technologically driven site.

User Friendly Menu Design

Interactive Research & Development Page

A major point of contention for job candidates when applying to an organization as large and diverse as MIT Lincoln Laboratory, is determining what R&D lab or project to research. With the new interactive R&D page that iFactory created, candidates and site visitors will be able to find departments and projects quickly by seeing them in the grand scheme of the Lincoln Laboratory network.

We created a simple but engaging user interface that demonstrates complex relationships between departments, projects, and scientists at the laboratory.

Lincoln Labs Interactive R&D page

Cohesive design for hard to understand data

The MIT Lincoln Laboratories are known for their often ground breaking research projects, but conveying those projects to users posed a difficult challenge. By adding features such as tagging projects, standardizing descriptions, and making them easier to search for, users are now able to find an research projects easily an understand the project within a layer of context.

SWOG design

Talent Recruitment

Like most organizations, Lincoln Laboratory put recruitment as one of their top priorities.The Lincoln Laboratory was having trouble with this issue so the iFactory tackled that by considering each possible partner or job candidate, building the website with them in mind. Multiple personas were created, with the help of Lincoln Laboratory stakeholders, for recent graduates, established scientists, contractors, members of the public, and other audience members to make sure that everything was built to cater to everyones needs.

Lincoln Labs Personas

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