International Monetary Fund eLibrary 

Innovative UX and UI for multi-format content


iFactory, an award-winning digital design and development firm, together with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), announces the launch of the new IMF eLibrary (

The IMF sought to develop a new eLibrary that significantly enhances its former product, and better integrates with its overall online publishing architecture. The new eLibrary provides access control based on IP; powerful search and filtering tools; region/country browse using an interactive map; PDF and ePUB files; and dynamic XML. The eLibrary, will continue to grow with additional features and content including counter-compliant statistics, digital object identifiers (DOIs), and richer metadata.

Other features of the eLibrary include:

  • Search Alerts: allow users to save searches which provide notification emails to the user when new titles meeting search criteria are added;
  • Embargo Folder/Hot Folder: new loader tools that allow publishers to schedule loading operations. This allows publishers to set embargo periods for content, as well as set up hot folders that automatically load content on a pre-determined basis.

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