Drupal WorkFlows     

The ability to customize workflows is available within Drupal through plug-ins. iFactory can customize a workflow to meet your unique requirements


  1. Leverages a larger set of contributors while minimizing the risk of off-brand, poorly-written, or simply wrong content
  2. Improves SEO as fresh content improves ranking
  3. Most importantly, allows for content enhancement over time to address specific strategic concerns, trends and pressing news

A strong governance process coupled with a well thought-out workflow is critical for redesign success



  • Workflow rules for content contributors that flow content up, through an approval process, from creator to editor, to "brand manager" to "marketing" and then to be published.
  • Alerts to content contributor and editor (and higher) on content age and requirements for refresh.  The most critical content many have alerts to several people.
  • The ability to embargo content, meaning content that can be created, edited and approved today and scheduled for publication in the future without further activity (all driven by workflow rules).

The ability to expire content, meaning that content can automatically be removed at a specific date in the future when it will no longer be current, again, driven by workflow rules.


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