Drupal 8 Upgrade

iFactory is your Acquia Certified expert in upgrading to Drupal 8. Our experienced team will upgrade your site, migrate your content, and apply a responsive theme. Our commitment to high-quality development and exceptional customer service will ensure you experience is a good one and your team gets the training it needs to make the project a success.

Drupal 8 upgrade services

iFactory is your go-to team for upgrading your site from Drupal 6 or 7 to Drupal 8. Our methodology will ensure your site is migrated to the latest version of Drupal; we start with a technical review of your existing site and develop a migration plan that supports all of your modules, software integrations, and content types.

We will work within your budget and schedule to ensure a great experience for you and your team. 

Talk to one of our migration specialists to see how iFactory can support your Drupal 8 upgrade needs. 

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